Sponsor Dios

Sponsor Dios is much more than a production company. For Sponsor Dios, art has no limits. YSY A and his team have been working very hard for a long time to be able to capture in Sponsor Dios a conceptual vision that is characterized by being identical to its revolutionary sound. And that is exactly what defines Sponsor Dios as a full body, a 100% independent, refreshing and audacious project. A project destined to make history.

We are Sponsor God and art is an essential part of our lives. We are characterized by constantly breaking and reformulating all artistic limits. That is why in Sponsor Dios you will be able to find new talents from our rich music scene, as well as a large collection of unique garments made with the highest quality standard, thought and designed to accompany them every day.

On our official YouTube channel you will be able to discover all the talented artists that are part of our team. And here we have the luxury of presenting you our official website, a new channel through which you will be able to communicate with us, find out about all the news and purchase our products.

We always thank them for all the support and affection that they send us daily and the truth is that words are not enough. None of this would be possible without you: Sponsor God is also yours. We are making history together.

We hope you enjoy each song and each garment as much as we do, because our main mission is to return to each of you all the love that you have been giving us since day one. Eternal thanks for being part of this madness, for never stopping trusting us. The journey is just beginning and we have no intention of stopping.

Everyone welcome to Sponsor Dios. Handmade, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, for the whole world.